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Best IVF Center in Delhi

Urogyn is one of the best and most advanced IVF Centers in Delhi that has helped millions of infertile couples achieve their desire to become parents. Being the Best IVF Centre in Delhi, Urogyn is a well-equipped and modern tertiary care centre that offers a wide range of medical and surgical services under one umbrella. The centre is prominent for its efficient and successful IVF, Surrogacy, Male Infertility treatment with world class technology. We are renowned for having a high success rate in treating patients and providing them with adequate satisfaction both during and after treatment.

Why choose Urogyn Among the best IVF centres in Delhi?

At UROGYN, we aspire in fulfilling the dreams of several women who have given up hope of enduring motherhood. Our infrastructure and expertise are on par with the most cutting-edge techniques. The vision of a fertility clinic in Delhi is to deliver the most sophisticated reproductive and reproductive health treatments in a personalized and pleasant atmosphere within one roof. Being the Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi, we offer the best treatments and share a 99.99% success rate. Its entire credit goes to our four primary pillars of support, which are

  • The utmost care and individualized attention
  • Most up-to-date equipment
  • Advanced treatments
  • Highly skilled professional doctors
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Top Traits That Make Us the Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi

We ensure that patients are well-informed about the process and that our team is available to them at all times during the treatment cycle to offer support or answer questions. We place a high value on post-therapy follow-up to fine-tune subsequent treatment sessions. In all IVF cases, we maintain high ethical protocols. Being the best IVF Center in Delhi, we ensure that patient reporting is transparent. The doctors keep them informed about the following concerns:

  • High-order multiple pregnancies are associated with complications. Several one or two embryos are transferred at a time.
  • Complications connected with pregnancies at a higher age.
  • Stress on self-egg IVF
  • Before executing any A.R.T. procedure, the system double-checks the patient's identity.

Best IVF Center in Delhi- Who We Are?

The centre was honoured as the Best IVF Center in Delhi in 2013. Experienced and skilled fertility doctors carry out the procedure. The doctors at the fertility clinic in Delhi are sincere, caring, professional, and well competent.

Our experienced team includes Dr Surbhi Gupta, who is a specialist in IVF & Surrogacy. In collaboration with various experts, Dr Surbhi Gupta serves infertile couples at her best. Besides this, Dr Ashok K Gupta is an expert in Male Infertility. The doctors take on complicated cases that other fertility clinics wouldn't undertake. In complex cases, the doctor puts excellent effort that helps couples to achieve parenting goals.

Dr. Surbhi Gupta, MD

Senior IVF Specialist and Gynaecologist

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Dr. Ashok K. Gupta
Dr. Ashok K. Gupta

Senior Consultant Urologist & Expert Male Infertility

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Dr. Meenakshi MD
Dr. Meenakshi MD

Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist

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Dr. Abhijeet, MD
Dr. Abhijeet, MD

Consultant Anaesthesiologist

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How We Fill Your Life with Happiness?

Sperm fertilizes inside of a woman's body through a natural process. A baby is born close to 9 months after the fertilized egg connects to the womb lining and grows. IVF is an assisted reproductive technology (A.R.T.) type given to couples who cannot conceive a child naturally or after other fertility treatments have failed. The term "in vitro" means "outside the body." It's done with the help of cutting-edge medical and laboratory techniques.

Patients will benefit from the IVF centre's modern infrastructure, world-class amenities, and top-notch medical care. The IVF Doctor in Delhi aid in understanding how IVF functions, the risk associated, and whether or not this way of treating Infertility is fit.

How do fertility clinics in Delhi prepare patients?

Various factors influence the results of IVF treatment. The patient's age and medical concerns, and the clinic's treatment demographic and procedures, are all factors to consider. IVF Doctors in Delhi does a couple of tests before starting an IVF process with the patient's sperm and eggs, which include:

  • Ovarian reserve testing
  • Semen examination
  • Infectious disease test
  • Practice (mock) embryo transfer
  • Uterine test
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In vitro fertilization (IVF) fertilizes a woman's egg with sperm in a laboratory under controlled conditions. It results in the development of embryos. For couples who face problems in conceiving naturally, IVF is the best for them.

IVF Treatment In Delhi


Surrogacy is when a woman (the surrogate) decides to bear a child for the other person who later on attains their parenting goals. We follow the guidelines of the standards prescribed by ICMR for surrogacy to maintain the highest success rate.

Surrogacy Cost In Delhi


In IUI, the IVF doctor in Delhi injects sperm into the uterine cavity that has been collected and purified in the lab. The lab "cleans" the sperm before inserting through eliminating seminal fluid. We also conduct the patency health tests before the IUI process begins.

IUI Treatment

Male Infertility

We handle male infertility patients with compassion at our IVF centre in Delhi. We know the stigma and anxiety that society may instil. That is why we maintain doctor-patient privacy protocols and practise discretion.

Male Infertility Treatment In Delhi


Microsurgical restoration of the ejaculatory duct to remove blockages is the first line of treatment for obstructive azoospermia. Microsurgical reconstruction can aid in the removal of epididymis obstructions, which is difficult to heal.

Azoospermia Treatment In Delhi


It is an upgraded mTESE technique with six magnifying loupes, particularly in patients with low testicular volumes and high F.S.H.

TESE Treatment In Delhi

Fertility Clinic in Delhi - A New Hope for a Blissful Life!

We at the IVF clinic in Delhi fertility work together to develop an individualized treatment care plan. It is meticulously developed by expert fertility doctors to help in accomplishing the family-building goals of patient's. Our services are designed to provide a treatment choice that is reliable, evidence-based, patient-friendly, cost-effective, and conveniently located to reduce the patient annoyance.

Our entire management team, involving IVF experts, embryologists, and clinical professionals, strives to ensure that patients have the highest chance of having a safe pregnancy and baby at the end of their treatment.

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