Male Infertility Treatment

Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi

Male Fertility is no longer a hurdle for couples now.

Every couple dreams to become parents in their life. Male Infertility is a stumbling block to enjoying parenthood. Unfortunately, this becomes problematic due to complications in the male or female body. In such instances, it is necessary to contact the top fertility centre in India and seek the appropriate treatment to get out of the issues at the earliest. Talking to a doctor, a sexual therapist, or a counsellor, the patients' can beat Infertility. At Urogyn, our Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi includes all of the elements that impact the amount and quality of sperm.

Male Infertility Treatment

Why Choose Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi?

Urogyn holds your hands during your journey of Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi

Our vision is to give joy to the family life of couples. Male infertility therapy in Delhi uses sperm harvesting techniques to handle various conditions after examining the patient's health.

  • Our generic approach gives remedies to male sexual problems at one destination.
  • Our foundational principle is to treat all patients with kindness and equality.
  • Doctors at Urogyn patiently listen to patients and treat them with the utmost respect with confidentiality.
  • We witness pride in using the most up-to-date evidence-based treatments that are safe and effective in healing problems.
  • Our Male Infertility Centre in Delhi has labs with top-notch technology to treat various male sexual problems speedily.
  • The Centre has the highest achievement by customising IVF Treatment, optimising protocols, and standardising lab conditions.

Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi - Urogyn is your One Centre for All Concerns

Doctors offering Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi at Urogyn have extensive experience dealing with men's fertility medications and getting favourable results. Our doctors prescribe the best medications to treat medical conditions that results in male infertility, like:

  • joint swelling
  • depression
  • stomach issues
  • strain
  • malignant extension, etc

Meet Our Expert Team

The fertility treatment process for couples or individuals who want to start a family can be complicated at times, with worries like, "Is this the best treatment plan for me?" or "Should I try for another IVF cycle?"

Our doctors work together to develop more viable ways to treat male Infertility. Dr Ashok K Gupta recommends best to patients based on their needs. Infertility and its treatment require specific therapies and procedures that a fertility doctor can only perform.

How Male Infertility Centre Detect the Issue in Males?

The doctors perform the test below before starting treatment. Such as:

Past Medical History

It detects varicoceles, which are abnormal vein developments above the testicle. Our doctors can rectify it through surgery. The history exam identifies particular barriers to fertility as well as issues with the patient's sperm. Doctors can also perform genetic tests.

Semen Analysis

A skilled professional evaluates the sperm count, shape, motility, and other patient features. We also prescribes additional tests to spot the problem if reports look not well.

Transrectal Ultrasound

In almost all male infertility cases, doctors do a patient's ultrasound as the first diagnostic evaluation. It is done to determine testicular morphology, efferent duct patency, and prostatic abnormalities. It's also possible to test for erectile dysfunction.

Testicular Biopsy

Our male fertility doctor takes a tissue sample from one or both testicles to assess a man's potential to be a father under a microscope. Before initiating the procedure for Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi, we also conduct tests to identify the cause of male Infertility.

Hormonal Profile

It reveals whether any reproductive hormone levels are irregular, impacting male sperm production, sexual performance or libido.

Male infertility treatment in Delhi - Change your life with us.

When you choose UROGYN for Male infertility treatment in Delhi, we provide every couple with a turning point in the form of tailored, compassionate care. We provide a comprehensive range of options to ensure that every couple receives high-quality fertility treatment. Remember that you are not alone on this road; thousands of other couples and individuals face similar decisions.

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