About Vikas Kulshrestha

Chief Clinical Embryologist


Vikas Kulshrestha
Chief Clinical Embryologist
Designation : Chief Clinical Embryologist
Qualification : Graduate B.Sc {Biotechnology}
Post-Graduate M.Sc (Clinical Embryology & Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD))
Specialisation : Embryologist, Andrologist & Embryo Biopsy (PGT).
Experience : Working 2 Years as a Andrologist & 3 Years as a Embryologist in couple of IVF Center.Done 6 Months Entrenship in Chennai on Sperm DNA fragmentation index Test & its effect on Pregnancy.
Achievements : Performing all the Embryology (IVF,ICSI,IMSI,PICSI), Andrology (IUI, all sperm function tests),PRP (Platelete Rich Plasma Therapy) & Embryo Biopsy Independently from last 5 Years.
Training : Training In Embryology & Andrology at University of Mysore Karnataka