Female Infertility Treatment: A Hopeful Path towards Parenthood!

The Birth of a child is one of the most beautiful journeys that every couple wish to experience. Your little bundle of joy can fill your life with happiness and bring the family closer. However, Female Infertility is a cause of concern in our country, preventing many couples from enjoying the taste of parenthood. Reports say, approximately 11.8% of Indian women within the reproductive age group suffer from primary infertility. Undoubtedly, timely medical intervention is necessary to produce fruitful results. So, visit your nearby Female Infertility Clinic in Delhi without delay and start the treatment immediately.

In Vitro Fertilisation: An Overview

IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation is a popular remedy against fertility issues, helping you conceive through assisted reproductive treatment. In India, this treatment has provided relief to thousands of people, raising the demand of the specific sector. According to the latest reports, the medical industry performs 2 to 2.5 lakh IVF treatment cycles every year and owing to the skyrocketing stats of infertility due to our atrocious lifestyle choices, the graph is rising. Besides, the reputed Female Infertility Hospitals in Rohini offers top-notch medical facilities at a reasonable cost. Here are the treatment procedures they follow.

Hormonal Balance: Infertility is a common issue amongst women with hormonal imbalances. Hence, the first step in your IVF Treatment is to regulate the same. You might have to take certain medications at your doctor's recommendation to regulate your menses and resolve hormonal imbalances for further treatment.

Egg Production: Generally, women produce a single egg during their menstrual cycle. But for fertilisation in a test tube, specialists require multiple matured eggs. Hormone injections play a vital role here to stimulate egg production for IVF treatment.

Egg Retrieval: Once your body produces several eggs, you have to undergo a minor surgical procedure called Follicular Aspiration. During this surgery, the surgeon will retrieve the matured eggs necessary for fertilisation.

Fertilisation: After collecting the mother’s eggs, the embryologist will infuse them with the father's sperm in a nutrient-rich solution. Here, the sperm penetrates the egg, bringing the zygote into existence. However, in specific cases, the embryologist might inject the sperm directly into the individual egg to facilitate fertilisation. This is called Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

Egg Transportation: The embryo forms within 3 to 5 days of fertilisation. It is then implanted into the mother's womb for the pregnancy to develop.

IVF Treatment: Precautions for successful pregnancy at the first go!

IVF Pregnancies needs special attention compared to normal pregnancy because it involves complex procedures and the couple goes through a lot to conceive the child. Here are some points you must strictly follow to boost your chances for successful pregnancy in one go.

Remember to take medicines on time.

Eat a balanced diet devoid of junk foods.

Reduce your caffeine intake and keep away from alcohol and cigarettes.

Maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, incorporating simple yoga or exercise if your doctor permits.


IVF is a ray of hope for childless couples, a pathway leading to joy and triumph. Thus, consulting expert professionals at the right time is very crucial. Primer healthcare institutions like Urogyn have the most erudite Female Infertility Doctors in Delhi that provides the best medical solutions. Visit the hospital's website to book a doctor's appointment now.


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