IVF Center in Delhi

The charm of parenthood is the best portion of anyone's life. You will never feel the same when you will take your baby in your hands. It is this parenthood that adds the biggest responsibility in your life where you learn to nurture your kid with the best values. You will put all your efforts to ensure that your kid is safe and sleeping in the soft clouds without any tension. But all these images and dreams can tarnish in case there lies some complexity of becoming parents. In that case, you cannot lose hope by claiming that it was your fate. Technology has advanced so far that it can change even destiny by breaking barriers and hindrances. If you are Delhite facing such an issue, all you need is to find the answer from the best IVF Clinic in Delhi. Read this section to know more.

What is IVF and why is it necessary?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is an ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) methodology that helps to ensure the pregnancy of a woman despite the infertility attributes present with the couple. In this technique, the sperm is allowed to fertilize an egg and implant it in the female's uterus. This technique is an invasive one but also needs some medications for the maturity of the egg. After the maturity has arrived, the IVF Specialist will take out the mature eggs and mix them with sperm to fertilize them. Once done, they will implant it back. IVF has become that hope for couples who have failed to become parents. The statistics related to infertility are quite horrifying. At the global stage, it has been found that around 6.7 million couples are infertile, i.e., one out of eight couples cannot become a parent. If we extrapolate those figures for Delhi, think about it again.

Urogyn - Test Tube Baby Center in Delhi

Infertility is the name of the stress that cannot go with any medicine or doctor's consultancy. Urogyn is one of the rays of light that can eliminate the darkness of infertility from many couple's lives. It is one of the finest IVF Clinics in Delhi based in Rohini-3. The doctors of this test tube baby center, Dr. Ashok Gupta and Dr. Surbhi Gupta are like the brand names who carry many years of experience in this domain. They have received and reshaped many lives by delivering a little life to them from time to time. Today, Urogyn is one of those centers that is providing the most cost-effective solutions in Delhi and the nearby area. The reputation of Urogyn has floated to the NCR region that influences people residing there to come and consult the specialists. You just need to schedule your time to fulfill your dreams of having children.

Urogyn - Infertility Treatments

UROGYN has a diverse range of services that can eradicate and remove the notions of infertility from a couple's life. You don't need to lose your pocket for consultation online as Urogyn offers free and no-obligation consultation. Irrespective of the sex, Urogyn delivers infertility treatments for both males and females to let them give birth to a healthy child when the opportune moment comes. For females, the list of infertility treatments provided under the flagship of Urogyn are:

1. IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

2. IVF

3. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

4. Surrogacy

5. Embryo Freezing

Similarly, for male infertility given below are the lists of treatments that Urogyn offers:

1. Varicocele Surgery

2. Vas Recanalization

3. Vaso Epididymal Anastomosis

4. Semen Processing



7. Testicular Biopsy

Urogyn Doctors - Who Consolidate Your Trust

Doctors are like the God is the old idiom. It is true from every aspect and prospect. Urogyn's foundation lies on the pillar of eminent doctors who ensure that the patient gets 100% satisfaction. Urogyn has a band of great physicians and surgeons who hold expertise in surrogacy, infertility, etc. Given below is the list of doctors who are available in Urogyn:

  • Dr. Surbhi Gupta (Senior IVF Specialist and Gynaecologist)
  • Dr. Ashok Gupta (Senior Consultant Urologist & Expert Male Infertility)
  • Dr. Shilpa Gupta (Counsellor)
  • Vikas Kulshrestha (Chief Clinical Embryologist)
  • Dr. Meenakshi (Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist)
  • Dr. Abhijeet (Consultant Anaesthesiologist)

These prominent doctors are the essential stakeholders who let the infertile realize the dream of having a child. Urogyn Doctors are the baton and bridge to join the gap between infertility and parenthood. Their degrees and several years of experience have ensured that the blend of professionalism and personal touch will always get an edge to build a better alliance and partnership.


UROGYN is the name of that mixture that has constantly provided a 75% success rate with the IVF Treatment at an affordable and reasonable price. It has been a great journey to have satisfaction by looking at those smiles when we hand them their baby. The best part about Urogyn is the line of good and efficient doctors who are eager to listen to your issues by rendering no-obligation consultation. The friendly attitude of the staff members has consolidated the trust and confidence of the Delhi people over Urogyn. Today, Urogyn is an essential and prominent player in the IVF domain by providing easy solutions with high-quality satisfaction. Urogyn has changed the course of many lives by delivering the biggest gift to those people - parenthood. They have complied with the norms and regulations of MoH&FW standards. Connect with Urogyn today to change your life's fate by removing infertility.


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