Why IVF is Relatively Better Than Other Fertility Treatments?

As IVF success rates soar over time, many couples with fertility issues are considering IVF Treatment in Rohini sooner than in the past. What happens during IVF? Typically, an egg and sperm are fertilized inside a woman body. When the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the womb and continues to grow, a baby is born after nine months. This is known as unassisted or natural conception.

However, IVF is more of an Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART). IVF Centres in Delhi use special medical techniques to help women become pregnant. The leading IVF Hospitals in Rohini define five fundamental steps to IVF. These include.

Super Ovulation (The Stimulation Stage)

In the super ovulate stage, fertility medications are given to the woman to bolster egg production. Also, during this stage, the expectant mother has regular transvaginal ultrasounds to monitor the ovaries, and blood tests to check the hormone levels.

Egg Retrieval

The IVF Treatment Hospitals in Delhi perform a minor surgery known as follicular aspiration to extract the eggs from the woman body. After the procedure, there can be some cramping. However, it goes away within a day, and in extremely rare cases, another procedure known as the pelvic laparoscopy is needed to remove the eggs.

Insemination & Fertilization

The eggs are inseminated with the sperm and stored in an environmentally controlled chamber. If the probability of fertilization seems low, the sperm is directly injected into the egg with ICSI.

Culturing/Monitoring the Embryo

After the fertilized egg cells divide, an embryo is formed. The laboratory staff periodically checks the embryo to ensure it is growing properly without any abnormalities. Also, within about five days, normal embryo cells start actively dividing.

Embryo Transfer

Lastly, the embryos are placed into a woman womb three to five days after the egg retrieval and fertilization. Embryo transfer is typically done in a specialist office while a woman is awake. The number of embryos transferred depends on many factors, including the woman age, and the unused embryos can be frozen, donated or implanted at a later date.

Why is IVF Better?

Several Infertility Clinics in Rohini state, IVF is a better alternative as compared to other infertility treatments because the success rates are higher. In fact, there are about 55% chances of having a baby after one cycle of IVF treatment at the Best Fertility Centres in Delhi. Trying to get a hold of skilled IVF specialists? Urogyn can be your one-stop solution.